We take a company's physical past - documents, books, photos, equipment - and organise it in the present, creating a practical asset, to underpin the future: brand identity and client engagement.

From companies who have 'boxes of stuff we can't get rid of' to those with well managed heritage archives and collections, we offer a range of services.

  • Setting up a collection
  • Environmental monitoring advice and implementation
  • Packing historical objects for storage and transit
  • Designing and project managing exhibitions and displays
  • Emergency planning and compliance for collections
  • Creating and implementing heritage strategies
  • Undertaking collections- related history research projects
  • Devising ways to leverage the collection for profit
  • Collections audits

We offer a free consultation at which we assess the collection and set objectives based on available funds.

Our flexible projects are dictated by the size and complexity of the collection, your organisation's unique needs and your budget and time constraints.

Uses of company collections

Create Revenue

License images and documents for sale

Provide a public information service

Offer study facilities

Find Inspiration

Create corporate gifts and merchandise

Use past collections to inspire future ranges

Generate PR and marketing stories

Offer Knowledge

Collaborate with others

Work with education groups

Ensure compliance with regulations

Engage Clients

Show longevity with a historical USP

Offer age-based reassurance

Use memory to create warmth

Display your past

Virtual collections and timelines

History events and workshops

Displays and exhibitions

Go Digital

Locate any item at any time

Linked files and information

Easy asset management


  • We're unique! Like company archivists, we advise on traditional two-dimensional areas - papers, books and documents. Additionally, as museum curators, we're experts on the three dimensional objects - prints, paintings, equipment, workplace tools, fabrics and furnishings and ephemera - which might have made their way into your collections.
  • It's like having your own private museum curator especially for your company's history.
  • We understand that your archives and collections are a unique, profitable asset. We're here to help you and your staff benefit from that.
  • We're small, friendly company, passionate about curating. This enthusiasm enables us to give great personal service.
  • We offer all companies a free, no-obligation consultation.
  • We work with you to negotiate an upfront project cost so there are no hidden surprises.
  • We can connect you with experts specialising in archival storage systems, valuers, conservators and auctioneers when you need them.
  • We aim to exceed industry standards set by the Arts Council England, International Council of Museums and the British Archives Council.

Who else uses their company history as a strategic asset?

You won't be alone if you decide to use your company history. Here are a few others who do just that - some have amazing archives and some have public museums: 

Boots ~ M&S ~ John Lewis ~ Waitrose ~ Wedgwood ~ Rothschild Foundation ~ Thomas Cook ~ Lloyds ~ Barclays ~ Nationwide ~ HSBC  ~ Guinness ~ The Hudson Bay Company ~ Wells-Fargo ~ Ikea ~ Cadbury ~ Hershey ~ Harley-Davidson ~ Porsche ~ Levi-Strauss ~ McDonalds ~ Intel ~ Transport for London ~ Mercedes-Benz ~ Rolls Royce ~ Mazda ~ Honda ~ Toyota ~ Volkswagen ~ Mitsubishi ~ Motorola ~ Shisheido ~ Godiva ~ Gieves and Hawkes ~ Burtons ~ Johnnie Walker ~ British Telecom ~ BP ~ Yves St Laurent ~ Gucci ~ Missoni ~Christian Louboutin ~ Dior ~ Chanel 

You might not be ready to open a museum yet, but there's no reason that you can't benefit from your collections in the same way as these famous companies have. Click here for an external link to a table of FTSE 100 companies with professionally managed archives. 

Where can I learn more about business archives and collections?

The Business Archives Council explains more in their leaflet Managing Business Archives

The Archives and Records Association explain about archives in their pamphlet Changing the Future of our Past

The National Archives have produced A Corporate Memory, about archival brand management