‘Arabian Horse: From the Desert to the Wind’ exhibition 2018

  • We were able to use the Special Exhibition Gallery at Palace House, Newmarket

Project brief:

The client wanted to celebrate their organisation’s centenary with an exhibition. I was thirty miles away from the collection, 70 miles from the client and 150 miles from the exhibition site. With careful logistical planning it worked out well! The planning ran for four months part time; the exhibition ran for three months.

What I did:

  • Devised three sectional themes for the exhibition
  • Chose and selected display items relevant to the themes, including some the client didn’t realise they had
  • Liaised with the client to write interpretive text panels with accompanying images
  • Bought or designed mounts and/or purchased frames for every item
  • Worked with RaceTech to produce an audiovisual installation
  • Worked with HH Sheikh Hamdan’s stud, Shadwell, to produce mounts and interactives
  • Installed cut vinyl lettering for each section
  • Dressed and installed items in cases

What I achieved: 

  • A colourful, polished, three-section exhibition
  • A project finished on time and within the tight budget
  • Over sixty objects and nine wall panels in a space only seven metres by four metres
  • Clients who are delighted