Consultation regarding a new museum 2018

Project brief:

The client wanted to discuss the legalities, formalities and processes of having a private collection and making it public. A two day consultation including a collections audit led to the client’s decision to gift the extensive collection to a charity which will be set up and to provide a home for it as well as an endowment.

What I did:

  • I advised and made recommendations on the collection’s location, budgets, potential customers, marketing, visitor experience, physical layout, care, storage, monitoring, cataloguing, policy creation, attitudes to collecting, differences between public and private collections, risks and solutions, government and local requirements, practicalities, aims, visitor groups, types of displays and exhibition ‘feel’ and interpretation.
  • I left the client with a 19 page summary and recommendation document and a forward plan.

What I achieved: 

  • A vision for the future for the client and the collection.
  • The client’s thorough understanding of the differences between private and public collections.
  • A satisfied, focused client.