Delivering museum training courses 2019

Project brief:

The client asked for ‘Basic museum training in everything, for museum Trustees, Directors and Volunteers’.

What I did:

I offered one assessment day, to look at the following: staff Trustee/staff/volunteer structures; the stores and their current status, the museum’s procedures and a review of any existing policies, forms, documentation as well as a needs review.

After this I planned and delivered a structured museum training course comprising both advisory and practical sessions:

  • An interactive presentation and discussion about why museums exist, who they serve, how they have been and currently are funded, collectors and collections, changing museum focuses and the new priorities for museums.
  • A materials, object handling, lifting, object entry and exit session
  • Training in and adaptation of policies and procedures and applying generic procedures/policies to work effectively for the client
  • Practical recording, documentation and numbering sessions using MODES Museum database and real museum objects
  • Stored Collections Care, including basic storage, packing, materials, access and research
  • Environmental Monitoring, including agents of deterioration, cleaning, monitoring, chemical reactions and Care and Conservation plans.

What I achieved:

  • I was able to take the attendees from a point of ‘I’m only here to guide visitors, why should I care about museum stuff?’ to being keen advocates of the Object Entry, Conservation and Documentation procedures which I had guided them to form
  • The attendees took time to say how much they had both learned from and enjoyed the course and that they had found it valuable for their work there
  • The museum has new policies, structures and procedures in place in order that they can work towards Accreditation
  • The museum has a clear view of the further work needed to work towards Accreditation and best practice