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Setting up and installing a new museum and exhibition 2019

  • Welcome panel for the museum exhibition designed by The Company Curator
    Welcome panel for the museum exhibition designed by The Company Curator

Project brief:

The client wanted to set up a small museum and exhibition in the town, in two unused yet accessible rooms within the current Tourist Information Building. I was to set up an exhibition on themes of my choice and source relevant objects for the displays, set up object storage for future objects and write all policies and plans pertaining to a new museum. The budget was minimal – £3,000 for everything – and there were no objects.

What I did:

Display: I liaised with four discrete groups to borrow, use or acquire objects for the displays and wrote new object entry and exit forms to cover the legalities of this. I designed a  six-section exhibition around all of the town’s themes, as the client hopes to have further temporary exhibitions about each of the themes. I designed and sourced interactive items to go with the displays. I researched and wrote all the text, sourced all the images and collaborated with the designer to create the panels. I sourced and refurbished second-hand Click Netherfield cases for the displays and dealt with the problems arising when they were delivered without keys, thus rendering the locks unusable. I worked with the maintenance team to prepare the space.

Object Storage: I assessed the current and future collections, liaised with the client about the types of objects we wish to collect, wrote a Collections Development Policy to reflect their needs, assessed the storage area and gave a detailed list of recommendations for storage, covering racking, boxing, packaging and environmental monitoring.

Policies and Plans: After setting up the Collections Policy and Object Entry Forms I set up an Accessions Register and Environmental Monitoring Policy.

What I achieved:

A small, varied, interesting, well-written exhibition which has been really well received by the public
A space with interactives to suit all ages
The basic foundations for a small new museum to grow